About Us

We are a family owned business centered in Las Vegas, NV! In 2015, Steph wanted to make shirts for her family and the adventure began there. Steph is definitely the ambition, the passion and the spontaneity that created this company. In 2020, Steph met Kristian and little did he know that he was not only going to fall in love with her and her daughters, but her business as well. Kristian hopped straight in and became the primary designer and creative engine of the company. The adventure not only continued, but it was pushed into full speed ahead.

Before it was a small T-Shirt shop called Paislee & Co., now it is CARBON COPIED CO. CARBON COPIED CO. came from the fact that Steph only makes carbon copy babies. Both of our daughters were the same height and weight, and their birth times both added to 13. They were also both born on the 18th of their birth months. 

Under CARBON COPIED CO. is our t-shirt branch called 4Tee-fi. It's a play on words from fortify. The tee obviously for t-shirts and the number 4 is from our family of four! The other branch of CARBON COPIED CO. is PenguinPile. Kristian took his design expertise and created a branch to offer custom stickers and graphic designs. He has been obsessed with penguins from a young age, and he collected piles and piles of penguins. At his peak, he counted a total of 400 individual penguins in his room.

We don't only offer shirts and stickers. The company has branched out to provide services to local businesses offering logo designs, business cards, website graphics and all kinds of digital and printed media. If there is a dream in your head, then we will find anyway to make it a reality.